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  Beijing Postal Administration, a large state-owned communication enterprise under the State Post Bureau, is the largest post hub around the country, the exchange office of international mails and the distribution office of newspapers and periodicals. As an administration department under Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing Postal Administration is also in charge of the whole city’s post and communication work, constituting the major part of the infrastructure of Beijing city. Under Beijing Postal Administration, there are 4 urban P&T bureau, 10 suburban P&T bureau and 14 specialized bureaus (companies), with a total of 20,000 staff and RMB 4.112 billion yuan of fixed assets original value. Besides, Beijing Post has got post offices in 767 places, over 16,808 square km of service areas and provided services for a population of 14.927 million. At present, it has distributed newspapers and periodicals to over 2,300 counties, towns and cities, and has access to 240 exchange bureaus in 138 countries and regions by postal communications, operating letters, parcels, remittance, savings, express delivery, distribution of newspapers and periodicals, philately, international mails and various kinds of agency services, insurance agency, etc. 

  Beijing postal administration has got 3.098 billion business revenues in the year of 2004, and RMB 256 million yuan of balance.

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